Guide to Betting on the NBA: Types of Wagers

Basketball is one of the most popular sports that is played and watched in the United States, with the NBA (National Basketball Association) being the preeminent league to watch and bet on.

Although it might appear that American basketball and their leagues dominate the landscape and commandeer the most hype and attention, basketball is becoming an increasingly popular sport around the world, with growing fan bases stretching from traditional basketball strongholds such as New York all the way down south to the shores of New Zealand. Read more

Online NBA Sports Betting Tips and Tricks for Aussie Punters

The field of sports betting is one that is heating up all the time as more and more punters from Australia now enter the fray and attract further attention to the industry as well as the winnings available through it. One of the more popular and also difficult sports to bet on is that of Basketball and the leagues that they cover. Of these leagues the most popular to follow is that of the NBA and the players and teams involved in this influential sports league.

In order then to properly approach this sports betting field the punters should make an effort to learn as much as possible about the topic in question, in an attempt to improve their own chances of ultimately winning. Read more